Ms. Tava, Facilitator

Our newest Motivator, beginning with Music-in-the-Box in 2017, Ms. Tava will teach all Music Masters Music & Movement levels.  Ms. Tava is a Suzuki Piano teacher, all levels, and has also been a Music Masters mom with her daughter since 2014.  Her loving and child focused manner is exactly why we love the Suzuki method and use so much of its teachings in our programs.  

Ms. Vicki, Facilitator

Our Elgin Motivator, beginning with Music-in-the-Box as a parent with her own child 10 years ago, Ms. Vicki teaches all Music Masters Music & Movement levels.  Ms. Vicki is a register nurse in addition to being the mother of 4 adorable Music Masters, all going through our program from Music Masters 1 to Music Masters 3!  Ms. Vicki has been teaching with us since 2015.



As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in class.


teach by doing 

We encourage adults to participate in all classroom activities showing your child how to be a part of the class.

Ms. Lisa, Facilitator & Suzuki Violin Teacher

Motivator with Music-in-the-Box since 2006, Ms. Lisa teaches all Music Masters Music & Movement levels, including the Baby Music Masters class for newborns and provides Suzuki Violin lessons privately.  Ms. Lisa was one of the first to learn Suzuki Method Violin when it was introduced in the United States and is currently a Registered Suzuki Method Violin Instructor.  She is an active orchestral player and plays with many orchestras and chamber groups in the area.  Ms. Lisa's gentle style soothes the musical soul and her music theory expertise is called upon often in improving MITB curriculum.

Our Motivators


Ms. Nicole, Facilitator & Curriculum Asst.

Motivator with Music-in-the-Box since 2011, Ms. Nicole teaches all Music Masters Music & Movement levels, including large group presentations for libraries and events.  Ms. Nicole has a B.A.. in Social Studies Teaching from Purdue University,  30 + hours in Early Childhood Education, and an Illinois State Teaching Certificate. Additionally she performs in an awarding winning barbershop chorus and in community theatres throughout Lake County, IL & Southern WI. Ms. Nicole's energy and enthusiasm along with powerful vocals create an energetic classroom.  Ms. Nicole is currently assisting with new curriculum design for Music-in-the-Box.

Ms. Ginger, Owner & President

Owner of Music-in-the-Box with founder Meredith Haynes since 2002, Ms. Ginger designs, coordinates and facilitates all levels of Music-in-the-Box, with the exception of Suzuki Violin Intro.  Ms. Ginger has a professional singing background and holds a bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Studies and has 30+ hrs in Child Development and Psychology.  In addition to Music Masters classroom teaching, Ms. Ginger provides Music in Education teacher workshops around Northern Illinois for AEYC and has taught at the CLC Early Childhood conference.

Ms. Leslie, Facilitator

Motivator with Music-in-the-Box since 2013, Ms. Leslie teaches all Music Masters Music & Movement levels and will soon be teaching the MM4:Group Piano Intro.  Ms. Leslie has sung in choirs and has a degree in elementary music education.  Ms. Leslie's lovely singing voice, and understanding of how children learn gives her the perfect background for an engaging and active music classroom.

Our Newsletters Show You How to

"do music" at home.

Ms. Erin, Facilitator

A motivator with Music-in-the-Box since 2012, Ms. Erin teaches all Music Masters Music & Movement levels.  She loves singing and has belonged to a variety of choirs and performed professionally since childhood.  Additionally, Ms. Erin finds joy in teaching yoga to people of all ages and levels.  Ms. Erin's beautiful singing voice, along with her understanding of children's energy and their need to move creates the perfect atmosphere for the very young in a music classroom.

Ms Lynn, Facilitator

Ms. Lynn began teaching Music-in-the-Box Group Piano Intro to Suzuki in 2015.  She is a Suzuki Piano teacher in Elgin and teaches all levels of Suzuki piano for over 20 years.  Ms. Lynn took Music Masters 4 with her daughter and was the perfect fit for our family of motivators.  Her kind and loving energy as well as her understanding of how to creatively engage young piano students makes her perfect for us! And she loves "kids"!  

Cornerstone of A Music Masters Classroom

 "When i master music, i master myself"  

Meredith Haynes, founder



ginger Acopiado, PRESIDENT

  • Music & Movement
  • Rhythm & Readiness
  • Purposeful Play
  • Beautiful Art, Literature, Vocals and Lyrics
  • Genuine Love of Children and Family

At Music-in-the-Box, we design each 6 week Music Masters theme with the "Child In Mind And The Theory Behind".  Everything we do is based on building musical intelligence through the parent, teacher, child triangle so important in learning during the early developmental years.  In the Music Masters classroom, children are engaged through all their senses simultaneously to reach each child through their strongest learning channel and develop the others.  Language, Motor Skills and Cognitive Skills are all emphasized in everything we do.  

We work with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Education Professors to stay abreast of the latest research in Child Development and how Music can be used to enhance the development of the total child:  Mind, Body & Senses.  Our newsletters provide so much information on why we do what we do.