12 Unique Six-Week Curriculum Themes rotate on a 2 yr cycle allowing a child to repeat a class level and still receive stimulating new material.  30% of content remains consistent for ages 1 - 3 in order to encourage mastery, create comfort, and demonstrate ritual.

Music Masters 2 is designed to engage all of the senses simultaneously through  the use of percussion/rhythm instruments and master-able, purposeful music & movement. Music picture books encourage an early love of reading and strengthen the musical intelligence through rhyme & song.

Music Masters 4 is an introduction to the Suzuki Method of instrument learning.  Our Music-in-the-Box instructors proficient in the method offer a unique combination of parent/child theory games; individual lesson time and group games designed to be the perfect transition between music and movement classes and formal instrument learning.

Music-in-the-Box prides itself on flexibility for families and offers a virtual option.  Inspired by the Covid-19 crisis, our families appreciate how a virtual option gives working families or children with immune challenges the fun of joining with families across the country.

*Zoom classes are currently unavailable / we are working to fix this.

Music Masters 1/2 is designed to encourage an early love of music and an develops a strong internal pulse.

Use of basic instruments and simple movements, music picture books and interactive music play builds vocabulary, a "can-do" spirit and strengthens adult/child bonds.

Music Masters 2/3 is designed to encourage independent musical play through the use of rhythm instruments.  Simple music theory ideas including dynamics, beat vs. rhythm and octaves are introduced through music games, music picture books and basic percussion play. Children are encouraged to work together in a classroom setting.

Baby Music Masters is designed to help adult caregivers "take the tears out of tummy time" through musical play.

Gentle bounces, peek-a-boos, dances and marches stimulate baby's brain.  Baby classes use gentle textures and single instrument play.

Developmental Levels Listed Below:  Ages are a guide