​​​​How To Register For Virtual Classes ONLY, all in-person classes must be registered throught the Park District.

(Park District Resident Virtual must be registered through their respective Park District.)

Currently our Virtual Class Registration is being done manually, not online.  Fill out the form on the right as follows:

1) Under Name:

     List Adult's FIRST & LAST name, or the person who will be responsible for registering/paying for the class

     - the contact for registration.

2) Under Email:  

     List YOUR email, the email of the person who will be responsible for registering/paying for the class and for logging onto the ZOOM call to attend class weekly.  

3) Under Subject:  

     Please put the DAY and CLASS LEVEL you are requesting for registration

        Family Music Masters - 11: 00 / Wednesdays

        Family Music Masters  - 9:30 / Saturdays


4) Under Message, please put the following - 

          Each attending Child's First & Last Name 

          Each attending Child's Birthdate Month and Year

          Cell Phone Number for person actually attending with the child.

5)  Click on Submit

6) We will email you a payment link for the class fee and any additional items requested in the message, such as Band-in-a-Bag Basic* is per Virtual Class per family for the semester. 

*Fees will be charged upon registering; Zoom link for the session will be emailed after class is determined to be held and payment is made.  Min 3 children to hold class.