• Music for Transition​
  • Music for Education
  • Musical Learning Tools
  • Film Influence in American History
  • Preservation of the Arts
  • Must Haves Of The Musical Classroom
  • Musical Classroom Themes

Music-in-the-Box For Educators

Interactive Teacher Workshops For 

Early Childhood & Kindergarten



  • Preserving History & The Arts ​
  • What is Musical Learning?
  • What is Multi-Sensory Learning?
  • Musical Learning: Language and Literacy
  • Musical Learning:
    STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering
    & Math*
  • Musical Learning: Geography & History
  • Musical Learning:  
    ​Health & Fitness

*basic, full class being developed

Feedback we received from our most recent Teacher Workshop:

“Music brings fun to learning and can transform a book into a magical, memorable fun experience.”

​“I loved seeing how I could use music to teach geography, science and language in the classroom.  It is so helpful to see that children need to use different senses to learn and be exposed 1,000 times to learn.”

​“It was just great to learn new ways to present science.  There was so much that I will use in my class this coming year.”

 “I enjoyed learning about new ways to present books and letters with the various songs.  Gives us more depth to [using] them.”

“My favorite was how you encouraged many learning concepts through music and books; Math, Science, Geography and Emotions; and how you got everyone to participate.”

“I enjoyed everything about the workshop.  The books shared and the activities to go along with them are great.  I enjoyed using books to study and learn about geography and adding music to that makes it that much more fun to learn.”